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basic package

1 697 €/year

+ 310 € / year (excl. tax) per additional 50 GB

+ 96€ / year (excluding taxes) per additional collaborator

+ price of modules/ year (excluding taxes)

Up to 5 collaborators
Visualisation & sharing of projects
Measurement tools
Deliverable creation
Selection of business modules


premium package

2 947 €/year

+ 310 € / year (excl. tax) per additional 50 GB

+ 96€ / year (excluding taxes) per additional collaborator

Same options as the STARTER offer


All business modules
Beta test access to features currently being downloaded


student package

1 777 €/year

+ 310 € / year (excl. tax) per additional 50 GB

Same options as the PARTNER offer


Unlimited number of collaborators

Access your free 15-day trial


You can find some information about how Flyvast works.

We have three offers that you can see above but we also offer the possibility to any person or company to contact us for any particular request.

We will answer you as soon as possible!

No, Flyvast does not offer a free package.
We offer you an innovative, quality product and we hope you will like it.

The application is very functional and easy to use. Go to the “connection” button in the menu on the right

If you encounter any problem, you can find small gifs in the page our solutions which will be able to indicate you the operation. 

If these videos don’t help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can load all your data in .Las or .Dxf format.

No, you can’t share the application. It’s one account per person.
However, you can collaborate and share projects with one or more people who have the application.